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About Us

Our Mission is to promote all aspects of Extra Curricular Girls Sport.

Catholic Secondary Girls Sports SA is a not for profit organisation that strives to provide a range of sporting opportunities for female secondary school students who attend associated Catholic, Independent and State Schools across Adelaide and South Australia.

Underpinning the Associations policies, philosophies and strategies is the Catholic tradition and ethos, along with the acknowledgement and understanding of the vital role sport plays in an individual’s overall development and wellbeing.

The South Australia Catholic Secondary School Girls Sports Association (SACSSGSA) aims to:

  • Provide educational purpose and value through sporting activities and competitions between member schools
  • Provide and encourage fellowship and interaction between member schools through sport
  • Provide high quality competition for all who participate and to encourage the importance of sport in a healthy lifestyle.  Lower divisions where participation is the main aim should also be an important focus of the competition


 The key characteristics of the SACSSGSA Competition are:

  • High standards of sportsmanship
  • The provision of safe and suitable sporting environments and equipment
  • School staff supervision of venues
  • Suitably qualified umpires/referees
  • Courteous conduct from players, coaches/managers and spectators
  • Commitment in providing an environment safe for children and young people that is free from harassment, discrimination and abuse and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values


All schools, coaches/managers/players and spectators are responsible for ensuring that the above aims and characteristics are enacted in all SACSSGSA competitions.