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Our Constitution

1. Name

  1. The name of the Association shall be the "South Australian Catholic Secondary Schools Girls' Sports Association Incorporated".

2. Authorisation

  1. The body is directly responsible to APCSS (Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools) through its Executive Committee.
  2. The Executive Committee comprises of the SACSSGSA Executive Officer, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary and Committee Member/s.
  3. All decisions regarding finance, the structure of the Association and policies and procedures are to be voted upon and approved by all member schools at the end of year AGM. If approval can’t be sought or given at the AGM for some reason, then APCSS shall by responsible for making the decisions. 

3. Headquarters

  1. The Headquarters of the Association shall be where the Administrative Secretary is stationed.

4. Aims

The aims of the Association shall be:

  1. to encourage, improve, organise and regulate various sports at different levels amongst students of participating schools.
  2. to provide support for the participating schools in their training and coaching programs.
  3. to promote a strong and positive sport ethic. 

5. Composition

The composition of the Association is as follows:-

  1. The Patron of the Association shall be the Director of Catholic Education.
  2. All Catholic Secondary Schools are eligible for membership.
  3. The Association or its Executive Committee may admit as Members any Catholic Secondary Schools, with the approval of the Executive Committee of SACSSGSA. Non-Catholic Schools may be admitted as Associate Members.
  4. Membership can be assessed on a yearly basis by the said Executive Committee.
  5. One representative from each Member School and is required to be in the Association and attending all meetings. One representative from each Associate Member School are invited, but not required at meetings.

6. Officers

  1. The Association shall comprise one Member from each participating school from which an Executive Committee shall be elected as follows:

    (a) President
    (b) Vice President
    (c) Treasurer
    (d) Minutes Secretary
    (e) Committee Member/s

    An Administrative Secretary/ies is employed as Executive Officer/s.
  2. Both Members and Associate Members are entitled to hold Executive Positions on the Committee, however Associate Members are not allowed to be President or Vice President.
  3. The Presidency of the SACSSGSA is to be applied for with an application letter sent to the Executive Officer/s at least 3 weeks prior to the AGM formally addressing the required position criteria found in the Personal Information Document for the role.
  4. The President needs to be from a school that is involved in a minimum of 3 sports each year as well as at least one carnival and also has served a minimum of 1 year on the Executive Committee before commencement in the role.
  5. The Executive Officer will compile a package of applications and distribute to all schools for review. Schools will then have the opportunity to vote via confidential ballet at the AGM with a 1 and 2 point style system. 2 points being allocated to preference one and 1 point to preference two.
  6. The Vice Presidents role shall also be applied and voted upon at the AGM under the same guidelines as the Presidents role.
  7. If there are no applications for the President and/or Vice President roles at the AGM the Executive Committee shall convene the following year at their first Committee meeting and nominate and vote upon a suitable person/s to take on the roles from the members of that Committee only.
  8. All positions on the Executive Committee to be for no less than a 1 year period, however the Presidents and Vice Presidents role may be allocated for up to a 2 year period as voted on by the majority of schools at the AGM.
  9. If a President or Vice President is unable to fulfil their role for the whole serving term, then a new President will be elected by the Executive Committee to step into this role until the end of the year. 

7. Child Safety

  1. SACSSGSA is committed to provide an environment safe for children that is free from harassment, discrimination and abuse and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values.
  2. SACSSGSA Code of Conduct provides the basis of appropriate and ethical behaviour which everyone must abide by.
  3. It is the Executive Officer and Executive Committees job to show commitment in ensuring that everyone associated with the organisation complies with the SACSSGSA Code of Conduct.
  4. The Executive Committee will ensure that the organisation takes all reasonable steps to ensure that it engages the most suitable and appropriate people to work with children (in prescribed positions). 

8. Finance

  1. The Association is responsible for raising affiliation and per capita fees from each participating school. Such levies must be approved by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Catholic Education Office.
  2. A budget will be prepared annually and submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.
  3. All funds of the Association shall be deposited in the accounts of the Association.
  4. All accounts due by the Association shall be paid by cheque or internet transfer when required.
  5. The Association shall cause true accounts to be kept of all monies received and expended and of matter in respect of which such receipts and expenditure take place. Finances shall be audited annually.
  6. A statement showing the financial position of the Association shall be tabled at the Executive meeting when requested.
  7. The financial year of the Association shall commence on the 1st day of December and end on the 30th day of November each year.

9. Official Playing Rules

  1. All sports and their rules are outlined in the "Association Handbook" which is updated yearly.
  2. Schools are to abide by the Official Playing Rules of each sport unless otherwise agreed upon by the Association. 

10. Colours - Uniform

  1. The colours of the Association shall be Red, Blue and Gold.

11. Meetings

Meetings to be held as follows:

  1. Executive Committee meetings shall be held once per school term. Member Schools are required to attend one meeting in Term 2 and the AGM at the end of the school year. Associate Member Schools are invited to also attend one meeting in Term 2 and the AGM at the end of the school year, however their attendance is not compulsory.
  2. The Executive Officer shall give at least 21-days’ notice of the date of the Meeting by the issue of an Agenda.
  3. The A.G.M. of the Association shall be held at the end of each year and Members shall be given notice in writing at least 21 days before such meeting. 
  4. Half the Members plus one will constitute a Quorum.

12. Voting Rights

Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and General Meeting will be as follows:

  1. The President or his/her nominee shall be the Chairperson and shall have the casting vote where voting is equal.
  2. Each other Member present may move motions and cast (1) vote, per school.
  3. Administrative Secretary/ies shall not be entitled to move motions or vote.
  4. Associate Members may vote.

13. Alterations to Constitution

  1. No alteration, repeal or addition shall be made to the Constitution except at the Annual General Meeting. Notice in writing of all motions to alter, repeal or add to the Constitution shall be signed by the proposer and seconder and sent to the Executive Officers at least 6 weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
  2. The Executive Officers shall distribute such notices, along with the notice of the date of the Annual General Meeting.
  3. Such motions or any part thereof shall be of no effect unless passed by a three quarters majority of the Representatives present and voting at the Annual General Meeting. 

14. Life Membership

  1. The Association may elect to Life Membership such persons as have given meritorious service to the Association, upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee to a general meeting.
  2. Life members shall be eligible to attend and vote at all Association Meetings.
  3. The criteria under which Life Membership will be granted is:-
  • A minimum of ten years service. Such service need not be continuous.
  • The nominee must have attended at least 80% of meetings.
  • In the said 10 years the nominee must have carried out duties as a convenor, coach, manager or umpire.
  1. Nominations must be received eight (8) weeks before the AGM. A secret ballot will be held at the Annual General Meeting. The nominee may not be present when nominations are being considered or voted upon. Life members must be elected by a two-thirds majority. Life members badge to be struck.