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Touch Football

Anyone who thinks sunshine is happiness,
has never played touch football in the rain.

Touch Football

Played in Terms 1 & 4

The values of leadership, integrity, professionalism, diversity and excellence underpin the sport of touch football, which is now Australia’s largest social sport, with 700,000 participants around the country.

Touch football is a sport which everyone can play, regardless of age, gender, experience or ability. The sport creates a social environment which few sports can rival and highly encourages females to participate with its inclusive nature, which ensures there is a ‘place on the field for everyone’.

Download Association Rules: Touch Football

Download Official Rules: Touch Football

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Touch Football Ladders

Download Results: Middle Years Competition

Download Results: Senior Years Competition

Touch Football Venues

316 Portrush Rd, MARRYATVILLE 5068

2 Manressa Court, Athelstone  SA 5076

Park 17, Greenhill Road  SA  5000
(located between Fullarton Road & Glen Osmond Road)