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Playing soccer with your feet is one thing,
but playing soccer with your heart is another.


Played in Terms 2 & 3

Women and girls in soccer now make up 22% of Australia’s soccer players, which Football Australia is working to increase to 50% by 2027.

Soccer is providing more opportunities for girls than ever before in Australia, with Football Australia working to welcome more of tomorrow’s generation of girls and women into the soccer community. 

Playing soccer gives girls a way to feel successful and equal, improves body image by teaching them that their bodies are powerful and strong, provides a chance to work together with other girls in a positive environment, and teaches resilience and a vast array of coping skills that allow girls to rise up and be more successful in life.

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Soccer Venues

255 Cross Road, Cumberland Park  SA  5041

316 Portrush Rd, MARRYATVILLE 5068

2 Manresa Court, Athelstone  SA  5076