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Term 2/3 Results - 2023

Badminton Premiership Tables - Click Here

Premiership Table Final Standings: 

Finals games in Term 1, 2/3 and Final positions in Term 4 will be determined in the following order: 

Premiership Points- If Premiership Points are equal, then result/s of the drawn team’s game during the season will determine the team that finishes top. If those result are even, or in the event that the teams did not play each other than final placings will be determined by Percentage %.

South Australian Catholic Secondary School Girls' Sports Association

The South Australian Catholic Secondary Schools Girls’ Sports Association is a not for profit organisation which aims to promote all aspects of Extra Curricula Sport. The Association strives to provide a range of sporting opportunities for female secondary school students who attend associated Catholic and State Schools across Adelaide and South Australia. Underpinning the Associations policies, philosophies and strategies is the Catholic tradition and ethos, along with the acknowledgement and understanding of the vital role sport plays in an individual’s overall development and wellbeing.