Premiership Tables

Premiership tables will be posted on the website once all host schools have submitted results following each week's competition.  To access these tables, please click on the corresponding sport under 'Premiership Tables' below.

Finals Draws format


Term 1

There will be one round of finals in the last week of competition.

1st and 2nd will play off for 1st position.

3rd and 4th will play off for 3rd position.

This continues depending on the amount of teams in the competition.

(See draws for examples)

Term 2/3

There will be one round of semi finals and one round of grand finals in the last two weeks of competition.

Term 4

There are no finals in the last term. The final standings will be determined by the final placings and Premiership Table Guidelines.

**From 2017 onwards, if a season has 4 or less rounds due to cancellations of weather, holidays etc. then the final placing will come down to the Premiership Tables and no Play-Offs will be played. Instead of the Play-Off round the final round will be played according to the first scheduled cancelled round.



South Australian Catholic Secondary School Girls' Sports Association

The South Australian Catholic Secondary Schools Girls’ Sports Association is a not for profit organisation which aims to promote all aspects of Extra Curricula Sport. The Association strives to provide a range of sporting opportunities for female secondary school students who attend associated Catholic and State Schools across Adelaide and South Australia. Underpinning the Associations policies, philosophies and strategies is the Catholic tradition and ethos, along with the acknowledgement and understanding of the vital role sport plays in an individual’s overall development and wellbeing.