Sports Results Guidelines

SACSSGSA Sport Results Guidelines

Responsibilities of Member Schools

It is the responsibility of all SACSSGSA schools:

  • Follow the Sports Results Guidelines as listed below.
  • Submit weekly results for all term sports played.
  • For Basketball, Volleyball, Touch Football, Netball, Badminton and Soccer it is the responsibility of the host school/venue coordinator to submit results weekly.
  • For Tennis, AFLW, Softball and Water Polo it is the responsibility of the home team (first team listed on the weekly draw or the host team for that week), to submit the results for that week.
  • All results must be submitted no later than 12pm Tuesday following a Saturday competition and 12pm Monday following a Thursday competition.
  • Results are to be entered into Google Docs.
  • A link to Google Docs for each sport and grade will be distributed to schools involved at the beginning of each season.
  • If editing Google Docs for any reason schools must notify the host school as well as the Executive Officer before doing so.


SACSSGSA Disciplinary Procedures

SACSSGSA host schools:

  • If a host school fails to submit weekly results, then a reminder will be sent to the school for the first misdemeanour and thereafter a fine of $50.00 per week will be charged to the school, along with a letter to the Sports Coordinator/Administrator informing them of the fine and their obligation to submit results each week.
  • If the host school still fails to submit results, then a letter to the Principal and a further fine of $100 will be charged to the offending school.
  • All schools involved in the games will then be given the opportunity to submit the missing results.
  • If results are still unable to be submitted, then scores will go down as a BYE and both schools involved will be awarded 2 points each.


SACSSGSA home and away schools:

  • If a school that is named as the home team for that week fails to submit their results by 12pm Tuesday following a Saturday competition and/or 12pm Monday following a Thursday competition, then a reminder will be sent to the school once.
  • If the home school still fails to submit the result, then it will go down as a forfeit win to be awarded to the away team.
  • Once the forfeit has been awarded scores will not be changed under any circumstances due to late submission.


South Australian Catholic Secondary School Girls' Sports Association

The South Australian Catholic Secondary Schools Girls’ Sports Association is a not for profit organisation which aims to promote all aspects of Extra Curricula Sport. The Association strives to provide a range of sporting opportunities for female secondary school students who attend associated Catholic and State Schools across Adelaide and South Australia. Underpinning the Associations policies, philosophies and strategies is the Catholic tradition and ethos, along with the acknowledgement and understanding of the vital role sport plays in an individual’s overall development and wellbeing.