A.C.N.A. Moving Forward

With great sadness I have confirmed that the A.C.N.A. Championships have folded and will no longer be run. This is very disappointing and something that South Australia and all Life Members of this amazing competition are all devastated about.


It is with great disappointment we are not holding the Catholic Schools Girls Netball Championships this year.

We are hoping we can once again establish this fantastic and competitive competition between the states in 2015.

Thanks for your understanding in this matter and please know we have done what we can to try and make this carnival go ahead this year.

Thanks in anticipation

The South Australian Catholic School Girls Sports Association


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The ACNA have a very long and proud history as an Association dating back to 1953 when the first Australian Catholic Girls Basketball Association Championships were held. Teams at that stage were selected from the state NCGM or YCW Associations which were senior competitions for girls who had left school.
When girls basketball became netball in 1971 naturally the Championships became Netball Championships. At that time girls from Catholic schools were not permitted to stand for selection in State Schoolgirls teams, so a Championship commenced in 1980 for these players.
Auckland, in New Zealand entered the competition in 1989 and consequently the Championships were renamed the Australasian Catholic Netball Championships. There have been many young Catholic girls that have played in our Championships over the years and have then gone on to become Coaches, Managers and even Life Members. We hold a very proud history including players such as Catherine Cox and Liz Ellis who have gone on to play for Australia after competing as school girls in our Championships.
Our Vision for the future is to attract more States, Territories and Australasian Countries to join our Championships and to create an amazing environment for Students, Officials and Supporters.

Life Members

In recognition of their contributions to ACNA

1968                   Nonie Oppy
1969                   Barbara Cantwell
1980                   Chris Bolger
1981                   Pat Gannon (Malone)
1981                   Coral Sahlberg
1982                   Betty Millhouse
1987                   Ann West
1993                   Pat Utting
1995                   Ann Baker
1996                   Val Gardiner
2003                   Jenny Edwards
2003                   Lyndal Klepac (Gardiner)
2007                   Maureen Malone
2009                   Christine Hanlen



1980                   Christine O'Donnell
1980                   Marge Medlow
2003                   Anne Morse
2003                   Helen Paul



1991                   Kerry Lambley



1991                   Kaye Suffield
1992                   Maria Lynch
1997                   Bronywn Williams
2001                   Shirley McAllister
2001                   Jenniw Webster
2001                   Lyn Hahn
2001                   Jan Fontana
2004                   Chris Ettridge
2007                   Ann Richards
2007                   Gabrielle Grahame
2009                   Leanne Speechley



1969                   Margaret Collopy
1969                   Jan Fitzhardinge
1975                   Margaret Lawtie
1979                   Rosemairy Ovenden (Bly)
1979                   Margaret Munden (Starling)
1979                   Marie Finucane
1987                   Robin Hollands
1988                   June Webb
1989                   Fran Hilton
1992                   Carol Watson
1992                   Donna Webb
1997                   Nola Appleby



1982                   Carmel Holmes
1982                   Jenny Pfingst
1984                   Heather Spooner
1994                   Jan Lange
2001                   Lorraine Wheeler
2002                   Barbara Hawgood
2003                   Di Cocker
2010                   Julie Watt



1997                   Ailsa Reyland
1997                   Colleen Pearson
2004                   David Reyland

Past Winners

Australian Catholic School Girls’ Basketball Association
 1953      Victoria
1954       Victoria
1955       South Australia
1956       Victoria
1957       Victoria
1958       Victoria
1959       Victoria
1960       Victoria
1961       Western Australia
1962       Victoria
1963       Victoria
1964       Victoria
1965       South Australia
1966       Victoria
1967       Victoria
1968       South Australia & Victoria
1969       Victoria
1970       Victoria
Australian Catholic Netball Association
1971       Victoria
1972       Victoria
1973       Victoria
1974       Victoria
1975       Victoria
1976       Victoria
1977       Victoria
1978       Victoria
1979       Victoria
1980       South Australia & Victoria
1981       South Australia & Victoria
1982       South Australia
1983       Victoria
1984       South Australia
1985       Victoria
1986       Victoria
1987       Victoria
1988       Victoria
1989       Victoria
1990       New South Wales
1991       Victoria
1992       Victoria
1993       New South Wales
1994       Victoria
1995       (No Competition)
1996       Queensland
1997       Queensland
1998       New South Wales
1980       Victoria
1981       Victoria
1982       New South Wales
1983       New South Wales
1984       New South Wales
1985       New South Wales
1986       New South Wales
1987       New South Wales
1988       New South Wales
1980       Western Australia
1981       New South Wales
1982       New South Wales
1983       New South Wales
1984       New South Wales
1985       Vic, SA, NSW
1986       Victoria
1987       New South Wales
1988       New South Wales
Australasian Catholic Netball Association
1989       New South Wales
1990       New South Wales
1991       New South Wales
1992       New South Wales
1993       New South Wales
1994       New South Wales
1995       Victoria
1996       New South Wales
1997       Victoria
1998       Queensland
1999       New South Wales
2000       New South Wales
2001       New South Wales
2002       New South Wales
2003       New South Wales
2004       Victoria
2005       New South Wales
2006       Victoria
2007       New South Wales
2008       New South Wales
2009       New South Wales
2010       New South Wales
2011       New South Wales
2012       Victoria
1989       New South Wales
1990       New South Wales
1991       New South Wales
1992       New South Wales
1993       New South Wales
1994       New South Wales
1995       Victoria
1996       Victoria
1997       New South Wales
1998       New South Wales
1999       New South Wales
2000       Victoria
2001       New South Wales
2002       Victoria
2003       Victoria
2004       New South Wales
2005       Victoria
2006       New South Wales
2007       Victoria
2008       New South Wales
2009       Victoria
2010       New South Wales
2011       New South Wales

2012       New South Wales

South Australian Catholic Secondary School Girls' Sports Association

The South Australian Catholic Secondary Schools Girls’ Sports Association is a not for profit organisation which aims to promote all aspects of Extra Curricula Sport. The Association strives to provide a range of sporting opportunities for female secondary school students who attend associated Catholic and State Schools across Adelaide and South Australia. Underpinning the Associations policies, philosophies and strategies is the Catholic tradition and ethos, along with the acknowledgement and understanding of the vital role sport plays in an individual’s overall development and wellbeing.